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Run the World, Thank the World, Pay it Forward

(Photo Nov. 2016)

Whaaaat? You want me to speak again? Ok, but I can’t promise you that I won’t cry…again.

HOLD UP! Reeeeewind. Here’s a little back story…It was around this time last year when El Diabs (Jenn Reyes) asked me to speak at Run The World last February. I thought “You want me to speak at a fitness event?! Easy-breezey. I’ve lost 100lbs. That’s all I gotta say and boom, mic drop.” 
As the event got closer I thought, “Oh snap, there will be new fit buddies to meet. Gotta look on point.” I spent double the amount of time at the studio/gym.  Since I wasn’t too good at the meal prep game yet, I wasn’t really eating right.  Overworking your body and not properly feeding it…bad combination. Something I’d discover soon enough. 

Also around this time, I started to get distracted (again). Some familiar faces came back around and I thought, “Hmm…maybe this time.” NOPE. Faaack. Here’s the thing, when you start compromising yourself and when you’re not true to yourself, you end up surrounding yourself with people who aren’t going to be true to you either. They eventually leave. And it sucks. So how do you deal with feeling some type of way? Take those emotions out at the gym. Oh yeah! Team No Rest Days!  Woohoo! Nope. I basically supersized the bad combo of overworking my body and not eating right by adding more workouts and mental/emotionally stress. RED FLAG, ANGEL!! Stoppppp!…too late. 

After weeks of doubling up on Ripped, Love The Journey Workshops, and Zumba, my body was done. Clean and press with a kettle bell is my isht. I own that exercise. That day, I couldn’t even lift, bro. Ugh. So tired and it was noticeable. 

Sure enough, interrogation starts. “You’re usually more explosive than that. Everything ok? Have you been getting enough rest? Have you been eating enough?” 

“I’m good. Just a little tired.” Stop lying Angel! She’s gonna know! She probably already doessssss know!! 

I woke up the next morning to a text, “Rest day today.”

After a quick discussion with my fit besties (Bri and Matt) about what the possible consequences would be if I violated orders to rest, I decided ok fine rest it is. After a few hours of much needed sleep, I woke up recharged and refreshed and most importantly, I woke up thankful. Thankful that there were people in my life who were concerned about my well-being.  

(Photo Feb. 2016)

Event day came up and I was ready. Because of the team, I was able to speak from my heart. I wasn’t too worried about what people would think of me or if people would look at me differently after hearing what I had to say. I knew that no matter what happened, they had my back. Stronger together. After the high fives, the hugs, some tears and about 50 new fit buddies, I left that event inspired. Inspired to inspire.

(Photo Feb. 2016)

So what does one do to say thank you? How do you say thank you to people who have sparked joy in your life and people who believed in you when you stopped believing in yourself? You say thank you by paying it forward. You become the spark for someone else. You take the torch and you run with it! A few months after Run the World, your girl got certified to be a Ripped instructor! Ayyyyyyyyy!

(Photo May 2016)

Never in a million years did I think that was possible. Even taking a Ripped class would have been a mission. 3 years ago, I would have said, “Nah.” I was busy at the bars drinking, chasing, and trippin’ (…on feelings. LOL. I just have a lot of them). I know what being alone feels like, but I also know what it feels like when someone makes you feel like you’re part of the team. I sometimes can’t catch a beat to save my life but when I’m teaching a class or taking a class, I’m all in. So be all in. In that hour, be there with your whole heart. Spark joy and pay it forward. You might be the reason someone feels like they’re part of the team too. Stronger together.

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January Recap


I know, I know…it’s not always about the number on the scale, it’s also about how your clothes fit and how much more energy you have, blah, blah, blah…But I like to keep track of my number cuz it keeps me on check. I figured out the pattern…the more crappy food I ate, the more I gained. Duh. The first peak was during the holidays. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t resist all the yummy unhealthy food. The second peak was Party of 5 Vegas. Do I even need to explain the temptations in Vegas? Didn’t think so.

January wasn’t a complete burn though, I still clocked in about a 5lb loss. Yay!

A few important things to note…

After Vegas, I tried the cabbage diet. My buddy, Trish, introduced me to it. Tricia, if you’re reading this, you owe me a hiking trip by the way, and lunch. Anyway…I resisted at first but figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it since I had just been cheating on my diet all weekend. There are a lot of versions of this diet, but we did the one found on It worked out pretty well. Definitely evened out the weight I gained over Vegas weekend and I actually ended up liking the soup. I like it so much in fact that I still have it every now and then. It’s a small step up (solid foodwise) from the smoothies I usually have every day.


Over the month, I clocked in 800 minutes of cardio which included mostly walking and some hiking. Total miles: 44.5. Most of those miles were at work during breaks and lunches. I averaged about 1.8 miles per work day. Looking to step up my game and get those numbers higher for February…oh crap!…February ends in like 2 weeks!

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Family First

Disclaimer – My bad if I don’t have updated pics of me and your children. I promise to make time this season. Anyway…

It was at Cathy’s graduation party in 2012 where the Boss Cousin Grace said to me, “We need you around to help raise the kids.” I didn’t realize till now that it was her nice way of telling me that I needed to change my habits and get myself healthy.


2015/02/img_0033.jpg (see? Even my plate is healthier…a salad! LOL!)

Pictured above on the left was at my Goddaughter, Madison’s 2nd birthday. I must have weighed close to 300lbs. The picture on the right is from last Saturday. My baby girl turned 7! Ugh, can’t imagine what character I’m gonna have to wear on my shirt next year!…I swear that looks like a p…pickle. Yeah, we’ll go with that. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for that kid. She thinks I’m amazing and I wanna be around for a long time.

I have 9 Godkids: Melanie, Katrina, Malorie, Jaren, Carmichael, MJ, Madison, Aria and Julius. Being a Godparent doesn’t just mean I can write these kids a check on their birthdays/holidays and call it a day. Good Lord, that’s a lotta checks!…Anyway, being a Godparent also means I’ve been chosen to help lead, motivate and inspire these munchkins not only in their spiritual lives but in other aspects. Pictured below: Mason and Maddie. Teach Love, not H8. Whose idea do you think that was? LOL.

My half-white nephew Gavinskie pictured below with Gwenskie, loves to skateboard. If he skates too far out and I don’t get him with one look (I usually do), I’m going to have to run after him. At almost 300lbs, that was impossible without running out of breath. At 208ish, I can sprint after him if I needed to. Keyword: If… ‘cuz eff that, I’m still not trying to run.

In the We Get Awesome circle, there are 13 great grandkids. In order…I think: Andrew, Jaren, Carmichael, Gavin, JJ, Xavier, Madison, AJ, Mason, Gwen, BJ5, Ivy and Julius. We have a bonus 6: Jerell, Arilyn, Solstice, Royal, Saya, and Kyra. See?! That’s a whole bunch of new Mariah fans in the making. And who better to teach them?…me! I love these kids (I think their parents are aiight too…j/k. I love them all as well). If I can’t even take care of myself, what makes me think I’ll be able to help take care of this crew?

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Making Health Count


Disclaimer – Names may or may not need to be updated based on whether they see this and want me to remove them. LOL.

I work at a company where part of our motto is “Making Health Count.” As much as I promote that for clients, I never really took making my own health count seriously. In 2012 (pictured on the left at 286lbs), our corporate trainer, Carmen held a Biggest Loser competition in the office. That opened my eyes to just how big of a number I weighed in at. Even after seeing that number, I didn’t take it too seriously. I came up with our team name: Team Can I Get Extra Ranch? Cuz you know, fatties always need extra ranch. LOL. I probably only contributed a 5lb loss. Sadly, our team fell short and only claimed the second place title but our team captain, Rocio went on to win the individual prize. I should have been inspired by how much drive she had to win, but nah, chicken wings and nachos still held priority in my life.

At the beginning of 2013, I weighed in at about 275lbs. I jokingly told my work bff (who is now also one of my real life bffs), Abner that I would buy myself a big screen tv if I hit 250lb. You know what this ninja said after I told him? He goes, “What size screen? If you hit that mark, I gotchu, I’ll get it.” Snap! Let me tell you something about this dude…he pretty much signs off on all of my crazy ideas. If it doesn’t get us killed or thrown in jail, he’s in. He’s usually the one I drag out to Runyon Canyon or Sycamore Canyon super early in the morning to go hiking. He’s also the one I usually drag all over town to find $10 KBBQ spots…we’ll let that slide though. Anyhoo…at the end of 2013, around Thanksgiving…BOOM! See pic below. You the real MVP, Abskie! Yeah, I coulda and shoulda hit 250 sooner. I mean a free tv is a big deal, but again, I put other things on my list of priorities higher than my health.


At the beginning of 2014, I started making smoothies for lunch instead of my usual Subway sandwiches. It was kind of a thing around here. A bunch of other people had the Nutribullet container at their desks. My buddy Sue even let me use her machine that she brought in from home. I think it’s when I asked Robin about what kind of juice she used for her smoothies that she recommended I watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Super eye-opening documentary. Check it out when y’all get the chance. Anyway…since then, Robin has been one of my biggest supporters in the office. Whether it’s a 5lb or a 50lb loss, she cheers me on congratulates me at every mark! Thanks, Robin.

There are a lot of other people in the office who have been pretty supportive (my bad if I didn’t name y’all specifically). The big boss man himself, Dr. G., has commented on my transformation. I can’t confirm nor deny that I purposely walk by so he notices. LOL. The entire first floor (where my little part of the workplace is) throw out compliments pretty often. Some of them bring me various fruits and vegetables from their gardens ‘cuz they know I’m on a mission. Thanks, guys. LOL. I see the sixth floor peeps maybe once or twice a week and the shock factor and the “Oh snap, you’ve lost weight!” keeps me motivated. There’s even a group up there who keep having to give me a smaller sized work shirt. Thanks, buddies! I’m currently in a new contest with my boss Randy and some other people (to be blogged about when I win ‘cuz I’m gonna bring cake every day). Stuff like that keeps me on check. The making of ADC 2.0 and my quest for 185 has become a thing around here now. As much as this is my own personal journey, it wouldn’t be the same without these folks having my back.

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Eating is not cheating – Part 2

That awkward moment when my weight loss blog starts looking more like a food blog…what happens in Vegas? Um…


Our first night in Vegas, we checked out the Shake Shack. They said it was better than In & Out!…what?! Pretty bold statement so we had to check it out. I had the Smoke Shack (the burger that came with bacon!), cheese fries and a coffee flavored shake. All of it bomb! Not better than In & Out, just different.


The next day…Lobster Me is always a fan favorite for us. I’ve had it before. Bomb as usual. Grilled cheese with lobster and lobster bisque.

That same night…Bacchanal Buffet. No words. The food was as good as the pictures. Super bomb! Wish I carried a purse or had a girlfriend who carried one. Lol.


Cheating on my diet, oops, I mean new lifestyle, for a weekend sets me back at least a week. Yeah, yeah, cheat meals are fine every now and then (if they’re earned) but an entire weekend? Nah…I coulda/shoulda been stronger. I wish I woulda saw this gem BEFORE I went to Vegas. Lol.


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Hip Hop P90 Yoga what?!


These things are amazing!…as coasters.


And they’re pretty good at propping up the uneven chairs.


Which ones do I actually use?! Oh please, none of these have even made it to the DVD player…but that changes now! No sense in having tools if you’re not gonna use them…juuuuust like the gym membership I’ve had for probably ten years but have only been using for two. Smh…do the math, that’s a lotta wasted money. On the days I can’t make it to the gym, the plan is to rotate these DVDs in. Duuuuuuude! Imagine getting the entire household to do them?! My insulin-dependent mother, my partially blind father, my granny who uses a cane and my retired drag queen uncle all doing Hip Hop Abs!! That on video would be gold! Reality TV, here we come…lol. Just kidding. Check back in a few weeks to see which ones actually made it out of the case.

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Eating is not cheating

20150108_Eating is Not Cheating

Eating is not cheating…that cracks me up every time ‘cuz you know.  LOL.  Anyway.  In just one week, that’s all the food I was surrounded by.  The struggle to “eat clean” (LOL!…I cannot get my head out of the gutter sometimes) is real.  What’s that one saying?…Losing weight is 80% diet and 20% working out.  Well, whatever the numbers are, I can tell you from experience diet is pretty key.  Oh my bad, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.  Haha.  I started 2013 at about 275lbs.  I worked out maybe 3 or 4 times a week, mostly cardio with some strength training.  I thought I was being cool by eating Subway sandwiches for lunch every day.  Eat fresh, yay me!…Nope.  2013 was also the year I forgot I was in my 30s and acted 23 instead.  I went out a lot.  Maybe 4-5 times a week.  What comes after a night of partying?  King Taco.  Sup dude who always puts extra cheese on my nachos?!  Or Denny’s.  Sup homie who brings us coffee but sometimes effs up and asks me “Where’s the other girl?”  Can you just pretend you’re asking about a cousin?!  Geez.  My favorite person after partying is the bacon wrapped hot dog lady vendor at Here Lounge in WeHo…Hi, Alma!  You the real MVP!  At the end of 2013, I weighed in at 258.  17lb loss.  Alright, at least I was going in the right direction.

2014 is where it happened.  I saw the infomercial for the Nutribullet and thought, “That looks cool!  I’m gonna buy one.”  I realized that’s the same thing I said the year before ‘cuz i actually did buy one but it was chillin and unused for months.  Oh, and just so we’re clear, I’m not promoting this specific gadget ‘cuz I’m not getting paid to.  I just happen to have it.  Anyway, I made a smoothie for lunch one day.  Spinach based with various fruits.  Pretty good.  I started having smoothies for lunch maybe 3-4 times a week.  Also at the beginning of 2014, I stopped going out so much.  Trading nachos, the super bird with seasoned fries and bacon wrapped hot dogs for spinach and fruit proved to be SUPER beneficial ‘cuz at the end March, I weighed in at 239!  Already more than I lost all of 2013. I definitely wanted to start eating healthier after that.

It’s hard to eat healthy when I’m surrounded by good tasting unhealthy food all the time.  My mom and uncle are beasts in the kitchen.  And although I’m doing pretty good about eating the right kind of food, I still haven’t met a chicken wing or plate of nachos that I didn’t fall in love with.

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Just another “New Year, New Me” post…or maybe not.


For anyone who knows me or anyone who has been following my story over the last year, you know this isn’t a new journey, it’s a continuation.  In 2012, I weighed in at my highest: 286lbs (pictured on the left) .  It might as well have been 300lbs because that’s where I was headed.  I loved this purple shirt and I wore it all the time.  It was easy to hide behind.  I’m currently at 211.4lbs but I no longer feel the need to hide.  My 2014 goal was to hit 200.  I didn’t quite make it, but that just means I need to go harder this year.  My new goal is to hit 185lbs by my birthday in June.  I decided to blog about my journey to keep myself in check.  I figured if the plan’s out in the open and people were watching, I’d be more likely to follow through.  Over the next 6 months, I’ll be posting updates, before and after pictures, food, workouts, and pretty much anything that contributes to my journey.  If people are inspired by my story, cool.  If haters end up hating more, even better!  Cheers to the new year!  May the odds be ever in my favor.

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