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Run the World, Thank the World, Pay it Forward

(Photo Nov. 2016)

Whaaaat? You want me to speak again? Ok, but I can’t promise you that I won’t cry…again.

HOLD UP! Reeeeewind. Here’s a little back story…It was around this time last year when El Diabs (Jenn Reyes) asked me to speak at Run The World last February. I thought “You want me to speak at a fitness event?! Easy-breezey. I’ve lost 100lbs. That’s all I gotta say and boom, mic drop.” 
As the event got closer I thought, “Oh snap, there will be new fit buddies to meet. Gotta look on point.” I spent double the amount of time at the studio/gym.  Since I wasn’t too good at the meal prep game yet, I wasn’t really eating right.  Overworking your body and not properly feeding it…bad combination. Something I’d discover soon enough. 

Also around this time, I started to get distracted (again). Some familiar faces came back around and I thought, “Hmm…maybe this time.” NOPE. Faaack. Here’s the thing, when you start compromising yourself and when you’re not true to yourself, you end up surrounding yourself with people who aren’t going to be true to you either. They eventually leave. And it sucks. So how do you deal with feeling some type of way? Take those emotions out at the gym. Oh yeah! Team No Rest Days!  Woohoo! Nope. I basically supersized the bad combo of overworking my body and not eating right by adding more workouts and mental/emotionally stress. RED FLAG, ANGEL!! Stoppppp!…too late. 

After weeks of doubling up on Ripped, Love The Journey Workshops, and Zumba, my body was done. Clean and press with a kettle bell is my isht. I own that exercise. That day, I couldn’t even lift, bro. Ugh. So tired and it was noticeable. 

Sure enough, interrogation starts. “You’re usually more explosive than that. Everything ok? Have you been getting enough rest? Have you been eating enough?” 

“I’m good. Just a little tired.” Stop lying Angel! She’s gonna know! She probably already doessssss know!! 

I woke up the next morning to a text, “Rest day today.”

After a quick discussion with my fit besties (Bri and Matt) about what the possible consequences would be if I violated orders to rest, I decided ok fine rest it is. After a few hours of much needed sleep, I woke up recharged and refreshed and most importantly, I woke up thankful. Thankful that there were people in my life who were concerned about my well-being.  

(Photo Feb. 2016)

Event day came up and I was ready. Because of the team, I was able to speak from my heart. I wasn’t too worried about what people would think of me or if people would look at me differently after hearing what I had to say. I knew that no matter what happened, they had my back. Stronger together. After the high fives, the hugs, some tears and about 50 new fit buddies, I left that event inspired. Inspired to inspire.

(Photo Feb. 2016)

So what does one do to say thank you? How do you say thank you to people who have sparked joy in your life and people who believed in you when you stopped believing in yourself? You say thank you by paying it forward. You become the spark for someone else. You take the torch and you run with it! A few months after Run the World, your girl got certified to be a Ripped instructor! Ayyyyyyyyy!

(Photo May 2016)

Never in a million years did I think that was possible. Even taking a Ripped class would have been a mission. 3 years ago, I would have said, “Nah.” I was busy at the bars drinking, chasing, and trippin’ (…on feelings. LOL. I just have a lot of them). I know what being alone feels like, but I also know what it feels like when someone makes you feel like you’re part of the team. I sometimes can’t catch a beat to save my life but when I’m teaching a class or taking a class, I’m all in. So be all in. In that hour, be there with your whole heart. Spark joy and pay it forward. You might be the reason someone feels like they’re part of the team too. Stronger together.

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